City of Weird is thirty different weird and otherworldly tales about Portland, including, among other things:


1 giant killer sturgeon

1 half-decayed Russian water spirit

2 teen aged zombies

2 alien invasions—1 of the classic kind and one of the ravening slime mold variety

1 beer-can toting rampaging super- human Santa Claus

Newt creatures, mantis creatures, killer orcas

1 sentient, somewhat sex-starved volcano

1 gigantic octopus monster

1 semi sea monster

1 giant crack in the floor of the Max train

1000 lost things

1 secret underground biosphere

1 sky with all the blue stolen away

The krampus

Cavemen, blood-drinkers, men in black

A 500-plus year old wizard presiding over a miniature city

1 pet robot, 3 angels, 2 ghosts, 1 gorgon, 3 magical books, 1 aging vampire

And Alex Trebek


I can't say enough what a joy it was to curate this collection with these fantastic authors. The book is doing tremendously, which is a huge tribute to them, and to our publisher, Forest Avenue Press.


There's some more info, here.

Renee Macalino Rutledge's novel The Hour of Daydreams, is out now. She had a wonderful book launch in California and will be making her Portland debut at Powell's on Hawthorne on Monday, April 3rd. I enjoyed designing the cover for this and our next Forest Avenue Press book, Queen of Spades, which will be out in October of this year. You can check out the cover for Queen of Spades, along with a mess of other covers and designy stuff on my design page here.


In non-Forest Avenue Press news, Jeff Johnson's Lucky Supreme (Skyhorse Publishing) is out now, and I just finished the front cover for the second in the series, A Long, Crazy Burn, due out October of this year.


I also designed a book cover for Alex Behr's short story collection, Planet Grim (7.13 Books), due out October of this year.


Next up is Joe Ponepinto's Mr. Neutron, for 7.13 Books.

Gigi Little's essays and short stories have appeared in journals and anthologies including Portland Noir, Spent, and The Pacific Northwest Reader, and she's the editor of the collection City of Weird: 30 Otherworldly Portland Tales. She's also a freelance book cover designer and the staff designer for Forest Avenue Press. She works for Powell's Books and lives with her husband, fine artist Stephen O'Donnell, and a Chihuahua named Nicholas. In her earlier days, Gigi spent fifteen years in the circus as a lighting director and professional circus clown. She never took a pie to the face, but she’s a Rhodes Scholar in the art of losing her pants.

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