City of Weird is an anthology of stories about monsters, ghosts, robots, blood drinkers, man-eating octopuses, evil books, ravening slime molds from outer space, vodianoi (look it up), and more, all centered around Portland, Oregon.


It has done incredibly well for a local-centric book. It's been a Powell's bestseller, a PNBA bestseller, and a bestseller in many great local bookstores, including being a #1 bestseller at Annie Bloom's. It was Powells' top-selling book of the 2016 holiday season. It's now in its third printing and can be found as well in New Seasons, Whole Foods, and Costco in Oregon. In May, The Willamette Radio Workshop adapted four stories from City of Weird into radio plays, which were performed live on April 26 in Vancouver and May 20 at the UFO Festival in McMinnville. The stories are by Dan DeWeese, Sean Davis, Andrew Stark, Mark Russell, and art was featured by Jonathan Hill.


THE AUTHORS! I've been compiling short profiles of each of them on my blog. Click a name to get all sorts of info on their publications, accomplishments, interests, plus excerpts and, sometimes, fun facts about their stories. There are more posts to come...


Stevan Allred ***** Jonah Barrett ***** Doug Chase ***** Sean Davis ***** Susan DeFreitas ***** Rene Denfeld ***** Dan DeWeese ***** Art Edwards ***** Stefanie Freele ***** Jonathan Hill ***** Justin Hocking ***** Jeff Johnson ***** Leigh Anne Kranz ***** Kirsten Larson ***** B. Frayn Masters ***** Kevin Meyer ***** Karen Munro ***** Linda Rand ***** Brian Reid ***** Bradley K. Rosen ***** Nicole Rosevear ***** Mark Russel***** Kevin Sampsell ***** Jason Squamata ***** Andrew Stark ***** Adam Strong ***** Suzy Vitello ***** Leslie What ***** Brigitte Winter, and Leni Zumas.




Jim Carmin of The Oregonian ran this great interview piece, in which he called City of Weird, "...a great collection of stories all closely connected to Portland, and all pretty weird."


Kirkus Reviews included the book in its "Savory Selection of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Read in October." Scroll past the novels to the segment on short story collections labeled, Here are some additional short fiction "snacks" worth checking out between your longer novel reading. We're there next to Six Scary Stories by Stephen King.


Portland Monthly included City of Weird in its October 2016 Pop Culture Hot List, saying, "...contributions range from tales of alien invasion to volcanic eruption, through murderous river creatures and otherworldly teenage rites of passage, all set right here in the Rose City. Yeah, weird doesn’t even cover it."


Willamette Week gave us this cool, really detailed review the day after the book launched.


Booklist said, "These stories range from highly speculative to more mainstream, from upbeat to cynical, silly to serious; stories of love and loss, humor and pathos, from the bizarre to the poetic. There’s even an illustrated comic. Some are wonderfully pulpy, and some are more modern. “Transformation,” by Dan DeWeese, uses an alien invasion as critique of mindless conformity; “Yay,” by Bradley K. Rosen, is a Christmas Krampus story of madness and indigence; “Waiting for the Question,” by Art Edwards, is a gritty urban fantasia featuring Alex Trebek. All of the stories are very good, making this a fun and recommended collection.”


Wow. Forest Avenue Press includes the whole review here.

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